Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My So New Interview With Kelly From Brooklyn 11223

Recently I got the opportunity to sit down and talk fashion with Kelly Linton. You all know Kelly, one of the cast-mates from Oxygen's new reality show Brooklyn 11223. Kelly is definitely the vivacious fashionista of the new reality show that is based on friendship, loyalty, and betrayal.

Kelly from Brooklyn 11223

Kelly dishes on the show:

Me: So tell me about you, the show, everything.

Kelly: I grew up in Brooklyn my whole life. My friends all live in 11223. I went to Catholic school my whole life, that's where I met most of these girls. I met Angelina freshman year on the B9 bus. She was just loud and crazy and I was like oh that's gonna be my friend!

Me: Is everyone portrayed accurately on the show?

Kelly: It's all us. They portray us pretty much exactly how we are. It's just us, you can't apologize for who you are. We welcome the cameras into our lives and now this is it.

Me: Do you guys still have that beef going on?

Kelly: We still have the beef. That's what everyone wants to know. If I saw one of them on the street I would walk right by. Every time there's something that always happens. Some type of explosion.

Me: So, Vegas.

Kelly: They didn't even fully capture the madness that was Vegas. It literally was that crazy. Just no sleep and partying wild. I had the greatest time. That was my first time ever in Vegas and the best trip ever. If you wanna party, go with my friends!

Kelly talks fashion:

Me: So how would you describe your personal style?

Kelly: I'm definitely trendy and super girly. I love the flowy tops and ballet flats. I'm big on accessories! I love statement necklaces and three-finger rings, crazy earrings, hats, sparkly berets, flowers, bows. I'm like give me a tutu and I'm excited for life.

Me: Where do you like to shop, what are your favorite stores?

Kelly: Bebe. I love to take key pieces from there and mix it around. H&M is obviously awesome. You get so many great things from there. I also love the new Forever 21, that's where I get all my flirty skirts. I'll mix in other different things like BCBG and ZARA. For certain events I'll do higher priced things. I'm obsessed with Diane von Furstenberg and Betsey Johnson. I feel like if you're a fashion person you don't always have to go out and buy that $900 Herve dress. You can mix it around because that shows your true style.

Me: Besides DVF and Betsey Johnson what are your other favorite designers?

Kelly: I love Allison Parris. Her tutus are to die for. I was a big fan of Dsquared², they're so fun. I love fashion in general. I miss Heatherette. I still want a custom dress from them. 

Me: Who's your favorite celebrity trendsetter?

Kelly: Rihanna. She's the best. She can wear whatever she wants and she doesn't care what anyone says. I love that confidence. 

Me: Do you ever see yourself being edgy and cutting your hair like hers?

Kelly: I do. I've been thinking about making a switch with my hair, color wise and then taking it from there.

Me: How do you feel about this springs current trends?

Kelly: I'm obsessed with the tribal prints. I'm also loving the neons, bumble gum pink, they go well with our complexion.

Just being Kelly:

Me: So what do you like to do for fun?

Kelly: Besides shopping and partying, I'm a big museum site-seeing person. I love to go frolic in the city, and go to different places and all those outdoor markets. New Yorkers don't realize how much there is to offer. Last summer I went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum. It was epic! 

Me: What do people not know about you?

Kelly: Besides what you see on the show, I do have another personality. I'm not always partying and yelling. I am very down to earth. I'm all about having a good time.

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