Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BBWLA Star Brittish Williams Talks With Styling On A Budget

If you've been watching the new season of VH1's 'Basketball Wives LA' then you've been introduced to Brittish Williams. She's the newest and youngest cast member of season 3. I had the chance to chat with this ambitious and driven business woman. In this interview Brittish talks about her clothing boutique, dealing with negativity, fashion, and if everything we're seeing this season is real.  

Styling On A Budget: For everyone that doesn't know you, can you tell us who you are? Who is Brittish Williams?

Brittish Williams: Brittish Williams is a 24 year old very ambitious young woman. I'm engaged. I have stepchildren. I have a sister. My friends are like my family to me. I own LoveOfLabels.com. I'm also a shoe designer, Privet Couture, those shoes come out in the fall. I'm also doing a jewelry line with one of the jewelers in Los Angeles. I'm also doing a hair line called B. Savvy that's supposed to release in May.

SOAB: So you are a busy person. A clothing boutique, jewelry line, shoes, and hair...that's everything! 

BW: I'm always trying to think of something else to do. I'm also starting my foundation right now. I'm doing prom giveaways. I'm taking a couple different boys to prom. I'm sponsoring two girls for prom. I'm doing a lot of stuff that gives back also.

SOAB: Have you always been into fashion?

BW: My whole life I have been into fashion no matter what it was. My fiancee says I can shop anywhere. Like literally anywhere I can find something. I've always been into fashion since I was a kid. I was obsessed with Blossom, the girl who used to wear the polka dots with the little hats. I thought her style was so cute when I was younger, so I used to try to dress like her. I would try to walk in heels. I've always been into fashion.

SOAB: Tell us about Love Of Labels

BW: Love Of Labels, it will be a year that it's been open. I actually started the company Love Of Labels LLC about two years ago. I wanted to create a company that was kind of like an umbrella company for all my other companies. I just thought the name together was so cool. It's just like Love Of Labels. I've always said that no matter what happens in relationships, no matter what a guy does to you, your logo will never break your heart. So that was always my thing. We started a year ago. We've grown so fast. I've had to go through so many changes and I've learned so much. It was my first business that I ever started. It's really a big learning process. I was talking to my business manager about how much I've learned, and how much we've grown, and how many mistakes I've made, and how many mistakes I'm still making and trying to evaluate and make them better. You know I'm 24. I started when I was 23. I'm learning it's a lot for me. We have complaints. We have people that don't like their stuff or they do like their stuff. It's just crazy stuff that happens, but I wouldn't trade it in for the world. By the beginning of June the company will be in a totally different place. We'll be totally organized and everyone will be able to pull their own weight. At first it was just me and my best friend doing it and it's very overwhelming. Since we've been open we've had $570,000 in sales, it's pretty awesome.

SOAB:  Tell us more about your shoe line.

BW: It will be out for the fall. It will release probably like August. It's called Privet Couture. Privet means hello in Russian. So it's like the shoe that speaks to you first. They're really just like go-crazy designs. What's so crazy is most of our shoes come in these glass boxes. It's like a hatbox for shoes, but you can get them customized. They're like plexiglass you can open them up, it's a really creative way. Women are always complaining about you can't see your shoes. If your shoes are in the box, they're in the box. I partnered up with another lady in St. Louis and she is the creator of the box. It's called the Diva Box, a custom box for it. I'm really building the line and trying to get inspiration from other things. I'm always looking at buildings and paintings to try to inspire me to think outside of the box when it comes to a shoe. We're really working on doing an interchangeable heel, but it's a little more complicated than we assumed it to be, so we're just working on it. But it's going to be really cool.

SOAB: So now let's talk about your hair company.

BW: I'm partnering up with a hairstylist that lives in Philadelphia and owns a hair salon there. The hair line is going to be called B. Savvy. I thought it would be a really good idea to do something like that because hair makes a lot of money and women love hair. Of course I had a little scandal, I think my track was showing in one of my confessionals, so I have to redeem myself of course. Just to do something fun, just to make people aware that hair is important and buying good hair is a good investment. 

SOAB: Hair is important I will definitely agree with you on that. What is your favorite kind of hair?

BW: Honestly I love Malaysian hair. I do like Brazilian sometimes. I really like Malaysian because it has a loose wave to it and also it can be dyed and do the regular stuff that virgin hair does. I like it because it kind of blends better with my hair. 

SOAB: How do you deal with negative comments from the media in regards to your behavior on the show?

BW: I really ignore it. Sometimes it gets to a point where you want to scream. But I am who I am. The more you guys watch the show you see another side of me. You get to see my business side of me, you'll get to see me go in and do shoes and manufacturing, you get to see me go to the office for Love of Labels, you get to see me interact with my fiancee, you get to see a softer side of me. I am a bitch and I can be a bitch any day every day. But that's what it takes for me to be able to build this empire. I can't be the sweet nice one, because no one respects the sweet nice one. You get to see another side of me too. I'm a smiley face and a sad face all in one. By the end of this season everyone will understand who I am. Either you'll love me or hate me. You really don't know just yet you know. 

SOAB: Is everything that we're seeing on the show real, or is that producers telling you what to do?

BW: Everything that you're going to see on Basketball Wives LA Season 3 is real. Everything is real. Arguing, to fights, to infidelities, everything is real. Nothing is fake. The producers haven't come in and said hey put this together for higher ratings. It's just what happens this season.

SOAB: Ok so now talking more about fashion, who are your favorite trendsetters?

BW: I absolutely love Kim Kardashian. She dresses very sleek, it's not slutty. She's just right. She gives you the right amount of sex appeal, but she's still fashionable. I love Kelis. I think people forget about Kelis. Her fashion is so outlandish and something that you don't think of or see. Ive always liked her fashion, I think she dresses really good. And I'm obsessed with Victoria Beckham. Her fashion is ridiculous.

SOAB: Where do you like to shop?

BW: I love Elie Tahari. I love BCBG. I really really really love Topshop. I can find anything in Topshop. I have like 15 pieces downstairs that I never wore because I have to buy something from Topshop. When it comes to high end I love Yves Saint Laurent. I think his shoe collection for the season is amazing. It's really sleek, it's very simple, but it still speaks to you. My favorite shoe designer is Giuseppe Zanotti of course. I like Christian Louboutin. I like how he puts so much effort and detail into his shoes. I think Louboutin's are more about the height and the bottom being red. I don't think that the detail that Zanotti puts into stuff is the same. I love Givenchy when it comes to their bags.

SOAB: What's a fashion trend that you love and can't stand?

BW: I've been wearing jogging suits with heels for the past 4 years. That's something that I love. Something I really don't like is floral print. I'm just like oh my god I hate floral print just kill it. 

SOAB: How would you describe your personal style.

BW: My personal style is pretty unique. I hate to match. If I have on all black I'm going to have on blue shoes. I like to color block a lot. I'm not a very seductive dresser. You might seem me with a mesh top, but I'm gonna wear a long skirt with it. I really understand the concept of it's one or the other. You're either gonna have your chest out or your butt out. I've always learned that even when I was a kid. I'm really classic but also a little bohemian. I love wide leg pants with the prints, I wear turbans a lot. I like that look too.

SOAB: Describe yourself in three words.

BW: Ambitious, feisty, and loyal.

I think those words sum up Brittish very well. We wish her nothing but the best! Shop her boutique and be on the lookout for more from this feisty entrepreneur. 


  1. Oh wow, I guess she is not as Ratchet as I thought lol and she needs to go on Shark tank and have them handle her, I did get a few items from her store a while back and was satisfied so...

  2. Nice to know, but does she really have to curse like a sailor that's her down fall she's not ghetto so don't talk like it please...

  3. This interview was very insightful...a total separation from her personality on BBWLA... and she's actually very pretty. Don't get me wrong I love Malaysia but I don't think British was confronting her..she was just asking why are her "HI"s always so dry. There is a difference. Malaysia being the confrontational woman that she is had to do the finger in the hand thing and British was not having it!!! She can stand her own.(had to include that whole sidebar lol been on my mind for days) Any who SOAB you did a good job, it was like she was speaking to a girlfriend. I now have a new found love for her and hope she remains on the show if they get picked up for season 4. She has a good heart and I hope that will show and this season goes on. P.S. this is way better than the last 2 seasons to by the way..with this new cast..and I think i am going to reblog this. ;) good job! Keep ya head up Brittish..

  4. Brittish, as a business woman, you simply should not tell the world what you are GOING TO DO. Especially as your name is just starting to get known. You SHOW the world. I sure hope your shoe glass box idea and the interchangeable heel have been patented! They are great ideas but never let your competition know your great idea until the items are READY TO GO. You want to have the competitive advantage. Now anyone out there can start working on glass shoe boxed and interchangeable heels and possibly do it better than you! My ADVICE: Wait until the hair has been purchased, sewn on wefts, flown into America, and packaged and then MARKET THE HELL OUT OF IT using your new celebrity contacts. My point, move in silence and then produce when ready. Also, stop talking to use about numbers and figures that don’t add up. Draya doesn’t tell us how much she does in sales….or what she is proftiting…why? Because we know her items are good and therefore people are buying them. When you easily report your net worth, sales, and anything related to money it just makes you look like you are trying to hard. Like you are trying to PROVE TO US that you have money. Or you want people to be able to say Brittish is worth 300,000.00. Again, move in silence and let subtle actions show us you are a baller. Anyone can say words, everyone can’t LIVE IT. Also, your numbers don’t add up. You did 570,000 in sales…but how much was profit? If you are going to report such a low number in sales..well just don’t. At a bare minimum report how much you profited. So, how much of the 570,000 did you profit after you paid for the merchandise, paid for your webhost, and paid other expenses. That is what we care about. At this point, it looks like you are trying to hard to get us to THINK a lot of people are buying your stuff so therefore we should want to. And for the love of GOD throw some G’S on redesigning your website. No shade, no hate but it looks bootleg! At the end of the day you seem like you could be a likable person. We want to root for you to win but you are so busy trying to prove to people that you are some mogul that you will fail. My advice to you is to use BBWLA, a good marketing team, and some image consultants to improve your brand.Focus on BUILDING your brand first. What is your brand? What does your brand stand for? What should we expect when buying into your brand? Focus on building your brand one QUALITY product at a time. Build a reputation for excellence, honest, and quality and you CANNOT FAIL! If you have this love of labels site and customers are complaining and you are talking about everything will be organized in June....are you really committed to quality? Would a person who knows you from Bbwla and is aware of your initial reputation as selling low quality items online with poor customer service really going to risk buying hair, shoes, jewelry, or air from you? Focus on re-designing and putting effort into building an ethical, quality, CUSTOMER-FOCUSED, business out of your online store then worry about branching into other things (ex. Brick and mortar store, hair, shoes, whatever).

  5. We are ducks….feel free to use us to get rich and famous but just know we aren’t going to let you do it behind some store you just made up for the shoe and the same “hair, jewelry, shoes, makeup” thing every other stripper and reality tv person is doing. How can you set yourself apart? You focus on your brand, quality, and dedication to happy customers and trust me first the fans will follow and you will get big sales…then the big sales will just continue. Think about Betheny and skinny girl margaritas. There are people who have never heard nor laid eyes on Real Housewives who use her products because they are GOOD. Don’t just cater to your fans. If you are about your business be about your BUSINESS. Before long you will be known for your products and ppl beyond bbw fans will be purchasing your items. As of right now...you just seem like you throw some things together for the show so you can use the word “owner” and “companies”. & hunny people been doing that since party promotions have become a big thing and Instagram started making models. Don’t have let too much pride, mouth, the need to be admired, and the need to be respected without earning be your downfall. You will fail that way everytime. Also learn to take ownership over your failures and not be the VICTIM. Twice, now you have blamed a failure you were fully in control of on others. The first time it was with the track showing. According to you, that was all your hairdresser who didn't care about you or your hair. Chile. Don’t you own a mirror? The reality of the situation is you are the owner of your body as well as your image. You may have a whole glam squad but ultimately you are in charge of what you look like. Did you not see the poor color treatment or lack of blending in the front? The hairdresser did your hair but you are responsible for not acting as the overseerer of YOU and making sure it was laid. I am NOT you...a person on TV...but I make sure my weave is laid when I walk out of the shop. Weave better be feeling tight....the wind should be able to blow, anything should be able to happen and I still carry on. If my beautician fucks up....that sucks....but ultimately it is on me to make sure they know I'm not playing about what my hair looks like. The 2nd time you did not take ownership was not owning the complaints regarding love of labels. Even if it was everybody else's in the worlds fault...you as the owner and leader of the company should take ownership and simply issue an apology and say you know there was a problem but pledge a commitment to do better in the future as well as figure out a way to satisfy past disgruntled customers. We don't care if the blame truly relies on your supplier, on the mailman, on a tsunami, or the rapture. We don’t want to hear the blame being put elsewhere. We just want re-assurance that we are being heard and the problem will be fixed and HOW. As the owner of your company you should have been in charge of managing the relationship with the supplier to be sure that lateness was not accepted. Over and over again. Let’s not forget it was also your judgment, or lack there of, that lead to you picking a shady supplier. This speaks to your judgment as a business owner. Most people don’t purchase items from people with bad judgment. Not even crackheads. Also don’t use your age or this is your first business as an excuse. We don’t care. Those 2 things are not an excuse for you to fail your customers and us to accept it

  6. email: genYbusinessguru at gmail dot com

  7. Wow homegirl really went in above and all that is definitely not necessary! I like Brittish and after reading this interview I see a different side of her and I like her even more...keep doin ya thing Brittish!

  8. First of all. Business Guru you took a LOT of your time to write your BOOK to hate on Brittish. You're obviously a hater or someone from her past to invest 3 posts to her interview. Yes she is a business woman and she divulged what she wanted to. She does not have to sit and break down every intricate detail regarding sales of her business revenue/expenses. Who does that? For her sales to make that much in one year before the exposure she is now getting from BBWLA sounds like a pretty profit either way. I will agree that yes maybe she was to candid in this interview, however its her mouth and that's how she chose to talk about it. It made her more human if anything and not so generic like everybody else in their interviews. Can't we get that every once in a while from the celebs out here? Sheesh Don't nobody have time for your "Free" business course 101. I'm pretty sure she has that handled accordingly. Brittish keep doing your thing and don't let this hater..block your blessings. Can't a woman be candid in an interview just once. Stop hating. Sheesh

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