Monday, October 13, 2014

LHHH Star Nikki Mudarris Dishes On Fashion, Style, and Her New Lingerie Line

Have you been watching the new season of VH1's Love and Hip Hop Hollywood? If so, then you've been introduced to Nikki Mudarris, the young and savvy USC graduate and entrepreneur. Recently I chatted with Nikki about fashion, her favorite clothing and beauty brands, her new lingerie line, and the side of her that we don't see from the show. Check out the interview below and find out more about the real Nikki Mudarris.

Styling On A Budget: How would you describe your personal style?

Nikki Mudarris: I would say very glamorous. I feel like I have an amazing style. My taste is very expensive, that's the only downfall. It adds up. All my money goes to my clothes.

SOAB: There's nothing wrong with that, that's how all girls are. They love shopping. Do you have any celebrities or fashionistas whose style you like?

NM: I love Lala. She dresses really sophisticated, but it's still sexy and classy. I love women who have a similar body type towards me. It's kind of hard for women who have curves to dress. I love how Kim Kardashian dresses, I think she has an amazing style. Nicki [Minaj] is very shapely, I like how she dresses. I think BeyoncĂ© is real cute, I love how she dresses because she's different with her style.

SOAB: So you said your style is very glamorous. Would you ever try anything trendy at all? You seem like you wear a lot of pretty dresses and heels, but would you ever switch up your look with some jeans and combat boots or something?

NM: Yes of course! I wear more jeans than I wear dresses actually. I actually own Jordan's. So I do wear Jordan's too when I'm running around.

SOAB: Who is your favorite designer?

NM: I love Alexander McQueen, I think they have great stuff. I like Sergio Rossi. I like Christian Louboutin. I like Giuseppe [Zanotti]. I'm really in to the big designers.

SOAB: What are your must have accessories? What are the things you cannot leave the house without wearing or having on you?

NM: I like to have earrings on or a bracelet. Most of the time, probably 85% of the time when I leave the house I have my watch on. I have a Rolex, they're not big. If I'm on the go I don't like to wear a lot of bracelets or big chunky necklaces because I don't feel like it's everyday. I already have a lot going on, like my hair is crazy and all that. I like to keep it more simple. I just put a watch on and some earrings and be gone.

SOAB: What's your favorite brand of shoes? I know you did say Giuseppe [Zanotti].

NM: I love Christian Louboutin. But I've really been attracted to Sergio Rossi lately. He's been making the sparkling things I like. He's been making the stones, gold shoes..I love gold okay. I've been really falling in love with him. His shoes are really comfortable. I love his stuff.

SOAB: So let's talk about beauty products. What are some of your favorite makeup brands?

NM: I like Make Up For Ever. I like Laura Mercier. The Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is amazing. I have some products from MAC as well. I like some Chanel stuff as well. You know I love all of these brands but I suck at doing makeup actually.

SOAB: That's okay. When you step out you always look glamorous. Do you have a favorite makeup artist that you work with?

NM: I have a few of them actually that I really love. They're really amazing. A few girls that I can call, that have me go from day to night.

SOAB: So the public has only really seen you from Love and Hip Hop. What do you want people to know about you that's not seen on the show?

NM: Well I'm actually very nice. People don't think I'm nice. I'm so nice! Like if I meet somebody and they want to take a picture and come up to me, people are kind of shy to come up to me. I'm like 'No come on'. I'll give them a hug. I'm a sweet person. I'm very humble as well. People think 'Oh she lives like this she's probably stuck up'. But I'm real humble. I give back to charities and I do charity events. I do donations, not all my money is in my pocket. I like to give and help people who need it as well. People don't get to see that side of me. They don't see my sweet side. Normally when I'm filming, I'm a little on the defense because I'm around people I don't like or someone I don't get along with or whatever it is. It's just like they don't see me the nicer side.

SOAB: That's definitely another side of you that we haven't experienced yet. So what kind of charities do you work with?

NM: Well I like to work with autism. There's the Olympics that I did, the Special Olympics, and I help children who have disorders, autism, retardation, or whatever disorders that they have. I help them with little events, I help them with everything that they need. I do this every year. I try to give to breast cancer. I want to donate money, I do these kind of things because it's always good to be a great person no matter what. You can have all this money but if you have a good heart, that's more important.  

SOAB: What entrepreneurial advice can you give to young ladies out there that want to be a 'Boss' like you and be involved in everything?

NM: I want to suggest to them they have to stay focused. A lot of times, even myself, we get into situations, we get in relationships, and we forget to be our own person, we kind of get sidetracked. I was in school...I would go to USC while I was in my relationship, and sometimes I would be distracted and be out with my boyfriend all night and not want to take my test or not study as hard. You have to remember this is your relationship, if your man loves and respects you, he's gonna want you to do good. So even if he gets mad at the moment, don't get sidetracked. You have to do what's best for you. So I suggest to them stay in school or work. Make your own money and don't get sidetracked or loose focus of yourself. You can meet a lot of people in your life who will sell you a dream. 'I'm gonna make you do this, or I'm gonna make you do that.' Don't fall for the hype. I've had so many people in my life when I was younger who would tell me 'Girl I wanna make you a model, I wanna make you this, put a couple stacks in your pocket'. These people just want to take advantage of you. I like to tell girls just be careful because a lot of people out here are fraud, they're con artists. Keep a strong head on your shoulders. My biggest advice, stay focused on your own grind. Be careful who you meet, don't get distracted.

SOAB: So you went to USC. What do you have your degree in?

NM: Business Communication.

SOAB: From what we've seen on the show, you currently manage some of your families clubs?

NM: Yes. Correct. Yes, I do.

SOAB: So what other business ventures are you involved in, or would like to be involved in, in the future?

NM: My family owns a lot of real estate. We don't just own strip clubs. We have condos, we have apartments, we have other business ventures too. I help them with those things too. More so, I'm actually starting my own lingerie line, I've been working on that. It's been a fun line along the way.

SOAB: Awesome. Do you plan on having a fashion show for it?

NM: Pretty soon. We're still in the process of making samples. But I feel like we'll definitely have things out by January.

SOAB: Soon. That's very soon. Do you have a name for your line?

NM: Yes, it's called Nude by Nikki.

SOAB: Good so we'll be on the lookout for that. So I have to ask, since they say that everything that we see on reality TV isn't real, it's scripted. What do you have to say about that? Is everything that we're seeing on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood real?

NM: It's not scripted it's definitely real. The situations...everything that you see...the emotions, whatever, it is real. I don't know as far as other reality shows, but I know that our show is definitely real.

SOAB: So of course we see everything on Instagram and Twitter, and some things that we've seen on the show, but do you get along with everyone from the show currently? What's the status with that?

NM: Oh absolutely not. No no no. No, there's a couple girls that don't care for me and it's a mutual thing, I don't care for them. Does it affect me? Absolutely not. It's just another person on the list who doesn't like me. I'm not really bothered by it.

SOAB: I understand that. So basically just brush your shoulders off and keep it moving, right?

NM: Yea. A lot of people you meet in your life aren't going to like you for whatever reason. Like when I was young I used to be really bothered. But you can't beat yourself up. Some people just aren't going to like you, and guess what? There's a million more who will.

We wish Nikki nothing but the best in her future endeavors! Tune in to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood on Monday night's to see more of Nikki Mudarris. Be on the lookout for her lingerie line, Nude by Nikki coming soon!      

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