Monday, January 26, 2015

Fab Find Of The Day: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel & NYC Lip Stain

Do you hate it when you get a fresh manicure and then a few days later you've chipped your nail polish? I know I've experienced that problem one too many times. The answer to long lasting nail color is gel nail polish. Gel nail polish lasts up to two weeks, which is amazing when you want to keep your nails looking fresh between manicures. I recently received the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in How Nude, and I'm loving this polish!

The Miracle Gel Nail Polish is just like any other long lasting gel polish except it doesn't require UV/LED lights when drying your nails. That's much safer to use since most gel polishes require ultraviolet light to set your nails. UV light is basically sunlight, and too much exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer. This polish is an easy to apply 2 step process that lasts for up to 14 days.

You can purchase the Miracle Gel Nail Polish at your favorite retailer for $7.99. 

Another great product to use for long lasting lip color is the Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain from New York Color. The Lip Stain leaves your lips with a matte finish that doesn't rub off. It looks best when used with a gloss or balm over the color. You can purchase it for $4.99 from your favorite retailer or drug store. 

The nude color that I'm using is #492 Never Ending Nude.    

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  1. i,ve heard so much about NYC Cosmetics but never tried them!!!!! Thanks to your post I will be sure to test these out! i for one hate when my nail polish chips! i willl def try this thank u!!