Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Product Review: Isoplus Hair Products

Styling On A Budget is back with another fabulous product review! This time I had the opportunity to review two hair products from Isoplus. For the past few weeks I have been using the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sheen Spray and the Natural Remedy Olive Oil and Lanolin Conditioner. I absolutely love these products and are very pleased with the results!

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sheen Spray helps to strengthen, moisturize, and protect your hair against breakage. It's a great sheen that doesn't weigh your hair down, but allows it to flow freely with its own natural body and motion. The natural oils in this product help to minimize the damaging effects caused to hair from chemicals and heat.You can purchase this sheen spray online or in stores for $7.50.

The Natural Remedy Olive Oil and Lanolin Conditioner is a great treatment for your hair and scalp. It protects your hair against product build-up with its natural conditioners. It deeply penetrates your hair cuticles and helps to promote faster hair growth. It has a great smell and using a small amount of this product keeps your hair and scalp soft and moisturized. I have had some breakage on my hair around my edges due to chemicals and weaves. Daily use of this product has helped to stimulate my hair growth and has allowed my edges to grow back full and healthy. You can find this product online or in stores for $5.85.  

I would definitely recommend these Isoplus products for anyone who is interested in maintaining healthy hair!   

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  1. thanks styling on a budget! i will be trying these soooon!