Thursday, September 26, 2013

Erica Dixon Talks Fashion With Styling On A Budget

This week I had the opportunity to catch up with Erica Dixon, reality star of VH1's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. In this interview Erica chatted about her new dress line, where she likes to shop, and the fashion trends that she can't stand. Read about the fashionista side of Erica Dixon below.

Styling On A Budget: Who are some of your favorite fashion icons or trendsetters?

Erica Dixon: Honestly, I don't have any. I just like what I like. I don't have any particular that are my favorite right now.

SOAB: Who are your favorite designers and where do you like to shop?

ED: I'm a bargain shopper. Boutiques have reached out [to me] and have different stuff...exclusive stuff. And if I like it I'm just like send me this piece or that piece. It's been probably like a good year...I might step out and go to Lenox and Saks or Neiman Marcus or something and grab a shirt but for the most part, most of my stuff has been from really nice boutiques but exclusive stuff.

SOAB: Would you consider yourself a fashionista or trendsetter?

ED: I guess I can be. I'm not the type of woman that says "Where did she get that, that's nice...I want that." You know I give compliments when they're due like "Oh that's nice, I like that" but I try to be different. I dare to be different.

SOAB: What do you think is the worse fashion trend that's out right now?

EB: I can't stand Ugg boots. You know with the fur...they're so hideous. My daughter just loves them. I'm like Emani they're horrible looking. But I mean you like what you like.

SOAB: People love them because they're comfortable and it's getting ready to be Ugg season too.

EB: Yes! I was like uh oh they're coming out.

 SOAB: Would you ever see yourself starting your own clothing line or cosmetics line?

EB: Definitely cosmetics. Eventually in the future. Not necessarily a clothing line. My own dress line is what I'm working on now. You will see that hopefully by the beginning of the year.

SOAB: Do you have a name for your line?

EB: Yes it's called Klass 6 by Erica Dixon, so look for it. If you saw the last episode of season two of Love and Hip Hop I had on one of the dresses.

SOAB: How would you describe yourself in three words?

EB: Determined. Loveable. And confident.

SOAB: What's something about you that no one knows but you would love to admit?

EB: I love to eat, whether people know it or not. I eat so much. Every time I eat people are like how do you keep your shape? I'm like people look. Every time I eat I have to have something sweet afterwards. Whether it's a Snickers, a piece of cake, or key lime pie it's got to be something.

I definitely can't wait to see her new dress line coming soon!

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