Monday, September 16, 2013

Fashion Alert: My Interview With Fashion Designer Aiisha Ramadan

Aiisha Ramadan

Who is known as "one of the most promising designers from the Middle East"? Aiisha Ramadan is her name, and she's a Lebanese fashion designer that is taking over the industry by storm. She is the next big designer that you should keep on your radar. You've seen celebs such as Keri Hilson, Ashanti, LeToya Luckett, and Paris Hilton wearing pieces from one of her many collections. Recently Aiisha took time out of her busy schedule to grant me an interview.

Styling On A Budget: Where  do you draw your inspiration from when creating pieces for the line?
Aiisha Ramadan: It could be from anything I saw, or a piece of fabric I fell in love with. A lot of times I see my most successful designs in the dark, literally, before I fall asleep

SOAB: When was your line started?
AR: 2007 was the birth of my Couture, then my Bridal White by Aiisha followed and last April we launched the RTW I by Aiisha 

SOAB: When did you know you wanted to become a designer?
AR: When I got better at stitching my Barbie clothes 

Keri Hilson wearing AIISHA

SOAB: Who are your favorite designers?
AR: There are a lot of special ones, but Valentino holds a special place in my heart 

SOAB: Describe your line in 3 words?
AR: Timeless, Practical, Luxurious

SOAB: Whats your favorite piece from your collection and why?
AR: Every collection has special pieces to my heart, it always evolves

LeToya Luckett wearing AIISHA

SOAB: What  type of women are your clothes made/fit for?
AR: Women who appreciate art and really want to shine in their own clothes. A woman who goes through different moods and needs.. In short, my fashion is for women from every background, age and nationality. 

SOAB: What would you say is the most challenging aspect in being a designer?
AR: Competition. You have to constantly keep up. We're not in the 50s and 60s where designers had 1 or 2 collections to work on throughout the year. Now if you're not everywhere all the time, its easy for the radar to miss you 

SOAB: What is your advice for upcoming designers out there?
AR: Train for an established designer for at least 6 months and honestly the longer you do it the better. Train and train and train. You have no idea how much money this experience will save you. Its worth paying for as its more rewarding than a college degree in fashion!

Paris Hilton wearing AIISHA

SOAB: Which celebrity would you love to see wearing your line?
AR: Every season there's a fresh face and honestly the celebrities out there are such inspiration to all of us. I like many, but on a personal level I'm very attached to Lana Del Ray 

SOAB: Who is your favorite celebrity trendsetter?
AR: Its the stylists behind them. I'd say June Ambrose takes a big portion of that and I'm having the pleasure of being introduced to many more great ones. 

SOAB: What's the one accessory that you can't live without?
AR: Do bags count?  

We wish Aiisha nothing but the best! Click here to check out more pieces from Aiisha Ramadan. 

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  1. love this interview! i will definitely be sure to check out her stuff! Great Questions! i love the pieces in the line!