Monday, October 27, 2014

"Step Into The Bleu" With Stella Hues

We've all heard about red bottoms, but are you familiar with Stella Hues and the "Blue Bottom" collection? Stella Maze is the founder and designer for the Stella Hues shoe collection. I had the opportunity to chat with Stella for an exclusive interview about her fashionable high-end, comfortable shoes for the everyday woman. This talented shoe designer first launched her collection during New York Fashion Week in September. Check out the interview below to find out more about these fabulous "Blue Bottom" shoes.

Styling On A Budget: How did you come up with the name Stella Hues?

Stella Maze: Well my name is Stella. The name of Hues came about when I wanted to make something to represent my brand and represent where I came from and my whole story. So I needed something to represent powerful women, something you know to represent the classy type. And those colors represent my island.

SOAB: Where are you from?

SM: I'm from the Virgin Islands.

SOAB: So your shoes have a signature blue bottom?

SM: Yes. They have three color blues. That's the color of the water in the Virgin Islands which are: royal blue, turquoise, and dark blue. They represent the everyday woman who is confident.

SOAB: When did your collection launch?

SM: It officially launched during Fashion Week this year with Michael Costello. It was amazing.

SOAB: What's the inspiration for your collection?

SM: Basically the everyday woman. The everyday life of a woman who is always on the go who needs to be able to be on her feet. You're a mother, you're a business woman. You may have to go to a meeting. From that meeting you may have to go somewhere else and we're always on our feet. The main thing for me was comfort. You know my inspiration was comfort. I wanted my ladies to always be able to use those shoes. Any time she needed to transform from the business woman, to the savvy chic woman, who can go to a dinner woman, or who has to go to a romantic date with her husband, and then back to her child's play. The same shoes, and feeling confident on the go, and not be cranky when she has to meet new people.

SOAB: That's definitely a plus! There's nothing worse than walking around with shoes that hurt your feet.

SM: Trust me I know.

SOAB: So your shoes are comfortable. What makes them so comfortable?

SM: We have a signature patent that I can't disclose right now. One of these days when you get the chance to sit down and test the shoes you will be able to see the secrets for yourself.

SOAB: Okay awesome! So who are some of your favorite shoe designers and designers in general?

SM: Tory Burch, Giuseppe's [Zanotti]. He's kind of the pioneer right now for the new avant garde shoes. I like anything artistic. I like Tory Burch. Her message is always about empowering women. I definitely look at her as one of my big inspirations.

SOAB: Getting back to your shoes and your collection, I love the fact that you have a lot of colors and animal print booties. They seem really bright and I really like that. What's your favorite shoe from your line and why?

SM: My favorite shoe is the Nicolette. It's because it's like the femme fatale woman. You can wear it like an all season boot. You can wear it in the winter, you can put some socks on. You can wear it in the summer, with your toes out. We have a new order of that collection coming out in 2015 where it's detachable. You can take it from a tall boot to a shorter boot. That's one of my most favorite out of the collection. As a matter of fact I love them all, but that's just my unique favorite.

SOAB: Where can we shop your collection?

SM: You can find my shoes exclusively online.

SOAB: What are three words that describe your shoes?

SM: Classy, edgy, comfortable.

Stella Hues is soon to be a favorite among high-end designers. Be sure to check out her site and browse through a creative and trendy collection of boots, booties, pumps, flats, and sandals! Visit to learn more.  

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