Thursday, April 9, 2015

Product Review: TeaMi Skinny Tea

With spring here and summer getting ready to knock on our doors it's time to get our bodies healthy! The best way to jump-start a new workout plan so our bodies look good and feel good is with a detox tea. Styling On A Budget guest blogger, Valerie Mateo, had the opportunity to complete a 30-Day detox with TeaMi. This unique blend of all natural ingredients cleanses your organs, boosts your metabolism, suppresses your appetite, reduces bloating, and helps with digestion.
The 30-Day detox came with two tea packages and tea infuser. One package was the TeaMi Skinny and the second was the TeaMi Colon Cleanse. For maximum results, it's best to follow the Teami detox plan which combines the Skinny and Colon Cleanse teas.

Overall Experience:
The tea had a great smell and a great taste. I loved the tea infuser that the tea came with. It made it so easy to make the tea, since all I had to do was fill the infuser with the tea leaves and add hot water. I would let the infuser soak in my teacup for about 3-5 minutes. I drank the TeaMi Skinny in the morning and the TeaMi Colon Cleanse every other night. 
The Colon Cleanse tea had it's own unique flavor, but didn't taste bad. This tea definitely cleans your system out! You have to make sure that you eat right, if not you will be making frequent trips to the bathroom. It clears your body of toxic waste and helps with digestion.
Initially when I started the detox I wasn't eating healthy. After a day or two I changed my eating habits so I could get the most out of this detox. I increased my exercise while detoxing; I did the Insanity Workout and the Beach Body DVD. I felt very good throughout this detox. I found that I wasn't as hungry and I had a lot more energy. I lost 7 lbs after the first two weeks. I didn't feel bloated and I saw that I lost weight around my stomach and my thighs. 

I would recommend this detox because it works! If you follow the detox plan and incorporate exercise into your lifestyle while drinking the tea you will see results. I feel so much healthier after completing this detox. I feel like my body has gotten rid of a lot of toxins and I feel much better than I did 30 days ago!

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Written by Valerie Mateo       

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